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Surfboard’s image store features a growing collection of photography and other work from our contributing editors, photographers, artists, and readers. For permission to use these images and related matters, Please contact us for more information.


1. Hawaii Skyline
Digital by Yuan Shaw

2. San Diego Skyline
By Famous photographer Skip Wright

3. Yellow & White Flowers with white frame
Original Oil by Yuan Shaw

4. Sunflower
By Yuan Y. Shaw

5. Surfboard Book Signing
in Barnes & Nobles in Kahala Mall, Honolulu, Hawaii From left to right: Judy Capri, Steve Shaw (publisher & Editor), Bobby, Bob Ebert (Former Life magazine photographer), and John Ramsey (author, and former city editor for Honolulu Star Bulletin)

6. Pretty In Orange
30 x 30, Original Oil by Yuan Y. Shaw

7. Artist Knapp’s Shop in Balboa Park, San Diego
30 x 36, Original Oil by Yuan Y. Shaw

8. Hot Sunflower
Original oil by Yuan Y. Shaw 16 x 16

9. Red Flower Field
24 x 36 with frame Original Oil by Yuan Y. Shaw

10. Tuscany Vineyard
20 x 30 Original Oil by Yuan Y. Shaw

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