D E S I G N   K I T S   Design Your own planshapes and templates by using this curve library actually used in the surf industry. By mixing and matching lines you can create an infinite variety of unique curves.

1. Single-fin surfboard US $12.95
2. Twin-fin surfboard US $12.95
3. Surfboard centreline profile US $12.95
4. Tri-fin surfboard US $12.95
5. All-wind 12' (X cm) and ... sailboard US $12.95
6. High-wind 10' (X cm) under sailboard US $12.95
7. Surfboard Book in Spanish, French and English (Collectible Limited Edition) US $14

S U R F B O A R D   B O O K

See how custom surfboards and sailboards are built. This classic book is a useful tool when chosing equipment, or learning a trade. The high quality printing makes a beautiful addition to a library. Contains complete instructions detailed with color photos and illustration that show how to design, shape, airbrush, glass, and repair surfboards.

The book also contains instructions on how to surf!

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